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Kelcie Mahr

Kelcie Mahr
Yoga Instructor

Since Kelcie was a young child she always had a fondness for yoga.  As she grew older, that fondness flourished into a passion.  While living in Florida, Kelcie found the road to veganism and it was there that she decided to not only cleanse her body but also her soul by becoming more dedicated to her diet and yoga practices.  As she deepened her yoga practice, she decided to get certified in Power Yoga.  In February of 2014 she received her 300 hour Yoga Certification and now teaches clients through her online skype program, one on one privates, as well as group yoga classes held here at The Village Gym.  Kelcie encourages her students to relax, take a deep breath, have fun, laugh and approach yoga with a light kind of heart. ॐ

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